Magazyn Terminus

The Terminus warehouse is a monitored facility available 24/7 at the Terminus Group headquarters at ul. Octowa 26 in Białystok.

Working hours
Mon – Fri : 08:00 – 18:00

Warehouse Terminus



2000 m2


parking TIR

Warehouse offer

  • reloading,
  • transhipments under customs supervision,
  • transhipments in the system:
  • truck-truck
  • truck-warehouse-truck
  • cargo insurance,
  • packing and palletizing,
  • packaging and total loads,
  • labeling,
  • distribution in domestic and international trade,
  • cargo storage using racks and on zero levels,
  • temporary storage – closure T1, DSK,
  • tax warehouse,
  • storage of food products (more information: contact an advisor)
  • responsible storage – conditions and constant control,
  • cargo service – a full range of services related to cargo storage,
  • additional services – disposal, inventory,
  • quantitative and qualitative control of goods, as well as verification of further usability of loads
  • outsourcing – taking over the warehouse functions from the client


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